Adhesive E6000 Jewellery & Bead 40.2g Tube with Precision Tips

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This is a 40.2g tube of genuine USA Made E6000 Jewellery & Bead Glue, with precision tips.

Only genuine USA Made E6000 has the production batch number printed on the tube.

This glue is ideal for all your jewellery making needs. It is a waterproof, permanent bond, clear drying glue.

For use on polymer clay, metals, wood, glass, resin and leather.

Note: E6000 is not recommended for use on Styrofoam™, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. It is not recommended for any items that come into contact with food, drinking water or animals. Do not dry clean.

As with all glues E6000 should only be used in a well ventilated room