Bramblier Acrylic Resin Liquid Pigment Aussie Xmas 7 Colour Pack

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These ultra-concentrated liquid pigments are perfect for your acrylic resin creations - a few drops goes a long way!

The Aussie Xmas Pigment Pack is only available for a limited time. Presented in a lovely printed gift box gives you 7 bright floral colours ready for your creations, or perhaps to gift to an acrylic resin lover!
The box contains 7 water-based pigments suited to Ecrylimer and other eco acrylic resins.
50g sizes

* Merlot - Dark Plum Eggplant

* Bottlebrush - Bright Red pink
* Blue gum - Dusky Cornflower Blue
* Sage - Muted Natural Green
* Cinnamon - Natural Sand
10g sizes
* Pine - Dark Petrol Green
* Wattle - Bright yellow

Will they be available individually? Currently these are limited edition colours but may be released in future pigment releases :)