Bramblier Ecrylimer PRO Eco Casting Compound Acrylic Resin 1.75kg Pack

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Meet your new favourite 2-part composite! Ecrylimer PRO is Australia’s most advanced, virtually bubbleless eco casting compound formula, delivering buttery smooth results on both sides with minimal sanding – every time!
This is a 1.75kg pack.
Are you tired of looking high and low on the internet for a high-quality eco casting compound, only to see the dreaded words “out of stock” time and time again?
Perhaps you’re tired of bubbles – who knew that something as innocent as bubbles could cause so much frustration and extra work?
Oh, and let’s not forget the endless sanding while we’re at it. If you’re lucky, maybe one side will be almost perfect… but both sides? Ha!
Crafters, we get it. We love creating art (and selling it!) – but sometimes, it feels like more effort than its worth throughout most of the process!
So, in the best entrepreneurial tradition, we said: “Enough! If they won’t fix it, we will!”
The result? Ecrylimer Eco Casting Acrylic Resin Solution. This 2-part Australian made composite helps you get the job done right the first time, every time!


Demolds in 30 - 40 minutes

Less bubbles

Easy to pour

Easy to use

100% Aussie owned and manufactured

Minimal sanding

Can be hand mixed


Smooth results all over

Suitable for candle makers

Whether you’re creating art and designs for pleasure or profit, Ecrylimer is a high-quality 2-part composite that makes it easy to create a gorgeous product – with a fraction of the hassle.

Now you can spend more time enjoying your creative process, creating and exploring new ideas and materials, rather than reaching for the sanding paper after struggling with a particularly bubbly patch!


  • ENJOY AN Australian INDUSTRY-LEADING FORMULA with a buttery smooth pour with virtually no bubbles for a super-smooth set on both sides with minimal sanding
  • DEMOLD in 30-40 minutes or less but get a LONGER WORKING TIME to be more creative.
  • INCLUDES smoothing additive 
  • EXPERIMENT FEARLESSLY with new design ideas – Ecrylimer is an easy-to-use, pigment-friendly eco casting composite that lets you get more done, faster


* Measure between a 2.1:1 to 2.5:1 ratio of powder to liquid (if you are starting out we recommend 2:1). Ie 50g of liquid and add 100g of powder.

* Add a few drops of pigment

* Hand mix for 1-2 minutes, or mechanically mix for 1 minute (mechanical mixing is the best for pigment dispersion.

* Tap the bottom of the container on the table a few times to get the bubbles to surface and pop.

* Leave to settle for 2-3 minutes,

* Give a couple of gentle swirls and pour into your mold,

* Wait 30 minutes (40 for enclosed molds) and demold.


 Note - the finished product is a very matte unglazed ceramic look

***IMPORTANT - Resin can not be transported by air. Therefore EXPRESS POST is not a transport option for this. If you select express post we will refund the difference and send the full order (eg - all items purchased) as standard road parcel post. Please consider this when purchasing.