Coral Cockatoo Silk Screen Deco Shells

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This Coral Cockato brand silk screen works perfectly on polymer clay. This is an approximate 105x80mm design size.

Coral Cockatoo silk screens are Drawn, Designed and Handmade in their home studio in Tasmania. Australian made and Australian owned for all of your creative endeavours from polymer clay jewellery and sculptures to cards and paper craft!

How to use your silk screen:

  • Place the silk screen on top of your polymer clay making sure you can read the Coral Cockatoo Logo in the bottom left hand corner to ensure it is facing the right way up.
  • Apply your colour in the form of acrylic paint (or experiment with micas!) by gently swiping the paint across the stencil with an old card. Hold the card at a 45 degree angle and pull towards you gently, pulling the paint across the silk screen.
  • Once adequately spread through the design, lift up the silk screen by gently starting with the bottom right hand corner.
  • As soon as you have removed the silk screen place in cool water and rinse out the paint. It is important to note that some paints with heavy pigment may stain your silk screen, this will not affect its use. Please also note that you must immediately rinse your silk screen as the paint will dry in the silk mesh making it hard and inconsistent to use.

From here you can complete your piece, cut and bake as normal.

For best results and longevity of your piece you should seal your work.

For a full demo, view our Youtube tutorial here.

***Please note, the colour of you silk screen may differ from the one pictured.