JustResin UV Resin 30ml

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JustResin UV resin is crystal clear and cures very hard under UV light or under sunlight.
Perfect for small crafts, accuracy with open bezel charms, small silicone molds and quick adhesion applications.
Advantages of using JustResin UV Resin:
  • Fast curing, within 1-5 minutes, depending on the light source used to cure and depth of resin.The stronger the UV light source, the quicker the curing.
  • Easy applicator tube, with screw cap and small pointed tip opening for accuracy.
  • Ideal for resin jewellery projects, doming and other adhesive applications.
  • Superb transparency and hardness.

Usage instructions:
Under UV torch/lamp, depths of 1-2cm will take up to 5mins to cure, under direct sunlight up to 10mins. Depths greater than 1-2cms, curing time will be extended. The stronger the UV light source, the quicker the curing. Can be poured up to 10cms in depth, once exceeding 5cms, we recommend pours to be transparent. Keep tightly sealed & out of sunlight.

***IMPORTANT - Resin can not be transported by air. Therefore EXPRESS POST is not a transport option for this. If you select express post we will refund the difference and send the full order (eg - all items purchased) as standard road parcel post. Please consider this when purchasing.