Polymer Clay Starter Kit - Basics

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This basics polymer clay starter kit includes everything you need to begin your polymer clay journey. This contains:

  • 1 x Souffle Polymer Clay 306g 12 Bar Mix pack - includes 12 bars of classic colours
  • 1 x 8 inch (20cm) acrylic clay roller
  • 1 x acrylic tile
  • 1 x 3pc value pack blade set - 1 x each of rigid, flexi and ripple blade. also incldes a rubber handle.
  • 1 x 180mm Acrylic Slab Square - The perfect roller frame for keeping a consistant, level thickness when working with your clay. It fits perfectly on a tile and is ideal for small slab work. It is designed to allow for easy rolling, with a rolling pin 8 inches or larger, fitting on the square. Measures 180mm wide with a 150mm internal square and are approximately 3mm thick. Please note the pictured square is for photographic purposes only - the colour supplied will be a randomly selected colour (glitter or coloured - but it won't be clear)
  • 1 x E6000 Glue 
  • 1 x Craft Hobby Knife with spares blades
  • 1 x Pokey Tool
  • 1 x 8PC mini circle cutters - perfect for cutting studs, circles and adding texture
  • 1 x Polymer Clay Starter Guide - Everything you need to know to get you started, including tips and tricks
  • Findings to get you started - An assortment of findings, including stainless steel earring posts with backs and jump rings