Sculpey Clay Bead Maker 11PC Kit - Make 13mm, 16mm and 18mm Beads

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Sculpey Bead Maker

Are you passionate about crafting unique, homemade jewelry creations for your friends, family, customers or your own use? Whether you're an expert in jewelry-making finesse or a beginner hoping to explore the creative possibilities of crafting polymer beads, we have the materials you need to make your bead-making experience truly inspiring.

Craft beautiful bracelets and rings, eye-catching earrings and noteworthy necklaces with the flexibility, durability and ease of polymer clay, an incredibly versatile clay that allows you to incorporate the detail you desire with the malleability that makes your creative process enjoyable — all while being quickly bakeable in your home oven. With the Sculpey Bead Maker, you can craft beautiful, enviable, perfectly-round polymer clay jewelry pieces for your designs in minutes.

Benefits of Sculpey Bead Maker

Crafting your own beads with different designs and color combinations is an exciting and expressive process — but sometimes it's difficult to get that precise, round shape you aim for to give your jewelry a professional touch. With our oven-bake clay Sculpey Bead Maker, you can maximize the number of beads you produce in a short amount of time while making sure each piece comes out the perfect shape and size. A fast and easy way to make uniform beads every time in a fraction of the time, this clay bead maker offers the following benefits:

  • Choose from 3 different size beads — 13 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm — with 3 precise molds for rolling.
  • Measuring cups guarantee a perfectly-sized, perfectly-round bead every time!
  • Our oven-bake clay Bead Maker is easy to use and makes beads in seconds.