Wood Craft Ring - Various Sizes

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These wood craft rings come in various sizes, from 15mm wide to 68mm. The sizes are (approximately):

15mm x 4mm - 9mm inner

20mm x 5mm - 10mm inner

25mm x 6mm - 13mm inner

30mm x 6mm - 17mm inner

40mm x 7mm - 25mm inner

50mm x 8mm - 34mm inner

55mm x 9mm - 36mm inner

68mm x 10mm - 49mm inner

This is a good quality, economical natural wood ring perfect for use as is but also ideal for painting.

As this ring is an unfinished wood there may be some naturally occurring wood grain colour differences. The ring may have some marking from the production cutting process.

This wood ring is made from a timber commonly referred to as a grass tree.

*As with all small items, as a single piece some of these rings can be a choking hazard and should be kept out of reach of young children. Appropriate supervision should be used at all times.

**Please note - These rings are not suitable for teethers or childrens products. They are not certified or recommended for this use. They are recommended for light weight, general craft use only.