Breakaway Plastic Safety Clasp Mint

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Each set of breakaway clasp consists of 2 pieces which clip together and when pulled will separate safely and can be re-clipped together again.

It is ideal for silicone bead necklaces, lanyards, in fact any type of corded necklace.

To use simply thread your chosen cord (nylon is ideal for silicone bead necklaces and comes in lots of colours) through the non clipping end. Pull the cord through far enough to tie a knot, snip of any excess cord and pull back into the clasp. The knot is now hidden.

This clasp measures approximately 25mm when joined. The hole size is approximately 2.5mm (cord 2mm or less is recommended).

*As this piece is made of plastic it is not recommended to be chewed on. As with all small pieces it poses a choking hazard. It should be stored away from young children and ensure appropriate supervision.