3D Printed Polymer Clay Cutter - Mix and Match #1 3PC Set

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Made from PLA+ which is biodegradable and derived for renewable sources such as fermented corn starch.

The Mix and Match range has been designed to be an ideal earring cutter set on it's own, whilst also containing versatile shapes and sizes which are perfect to mix with others within the range.

This is a 3 piece set. Approximate sizes are:

Size (HxW)

Irregular Circle 20mm x 18mm

Irregular Rectangle 15mm x 31mm

Irregular Pebble 39mm x 26mm

***Please note - Due to several factors (detail of the shape, level of conditioning of clay, thickness and effects within the clay, etc) some shapes require clean up to achieve a perfect edge. This can be done by trimming or smoothing after cutting or by sanding after curing.