Acrylic Popstick Stirring Stick / Depth Guide Pair Large Parma Violet

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This is a pair (2 pieces) of large acrylic popsticks.

Each piece is made from approximate 3mm thick acrylic and measures 250mm high x 20mm wide.

Sick of using wooden popsticks? These are ideal to stir your resin mixes. This acrylic is firm with a rounded base, allowing you to get to the edges of the cup.

Struggle to get your polymer clay to the right thickness? These sticks come in pairs and they can be used as depth guides.

In fact these sticks are perfect for use in many other crafts which require mixing, stirring or spreading.

Being acrylic it is easy to clean, simply wipe off you excess material, which makes these re-usable time and time again.

Looking for another size or colour. We also stock the small, medium and large sizes in a huge range of colours.