Eparency Original All Purpose Epoxy Resin 750ml Kit

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2:1 ratio Mixing ratio by volume. 100% Australian owned and Australian manufactured.

***IMPORTANT - Resin can not be transported by air. Therefore EXPRESS POST is not a transport option for this. If you select express post we will refund the difference and send the full order (eg - all items purchased) as standard road parcel post. Please consider this when purchasing.

IMPORTANT: All purpose resin can literally be used to cast anything, from small jewellery to deep casting river tables, each pour should not exceed 20mm depth for river table size casting, and should not exceed 50mm depth for smaller casting such as pyramids etc. It can also be used for coating, however not suitable for making beach scenes coating, waves, cells or other effects. Small items would cure slower (approx. 3 days) and bigger items would cure faster. If intending to have a faster curing process Eparency fast set resin would be more suitable.

*If you have experienced yellowing, too many bubbles, curing too fast and strong odour when using other brands of epoxy resin, give our product a try and you will be amazed. With the latest formula after hundreds of testing from our lab, EPARENCY Epoxy Resin has the least/minimal bubbles, NOT AT ALL yellowing after long period of time, slow curing for deep casting and very low odour! This Ultra/Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is a 'top of the line' water clear superior performance epoxy system that can be used for so many applications including: —Casting, Jewellery, Surfboards, Bench Tops, Boat repairs, Floor and Bench Top coating— A truly quality multi purpose resin that contains no solvents! Just look at some of the applications below and you will find that this is the ONE resin for so many applications.:

* Boat manufacture and Fibreglass repairs - it has superior strength, good cures times, fast wet out of Fibreglass and other composite reinforcements and can be even be applied over most other brands of cured epoxies. When modified with fillers such as wood powder or Colloidal Silica the resin can be used as a filling and fairing compound with outstanding results. These resins can also be used with most types of fibreglass (if using Chopped Strand Mat, you will need a special type for Epoxy Resin which is available from us), carbon fibre or kevlar, as well as used over urethane foams and other sandwich core materials.

* Ideal for gloss coating of timber furniture or bench tops and casting items into furniture - The resin has great durability and can be resurfaced should it be damaged in any way. It has a bloom free finish.

* Great for the hobbyist when making Jewellery or items that require a crystal clear resin that possesses Superior durability.

* ARTWORK - absolutely ideal for this type of work

* Surfers, Surfboard repairers/manufacturer's appreciate the UV resistance added to this specially formulated resin.

* Ultra/Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is ideal for floor coating applications as it is an extremely durable and tough product offering a high gloss finish with minimal coats.

Coverage depends on temperature (Epoxy resins before mixing act a little like honey - in summer, they are very runny while in winter they are very stiff) and so coverage can vary up from 250 grams per square meter per coat. Eparency is a 2 part (2 parts A and 1 part B) Slow Curing Epoxy resin which when mixed with hardener is poured into a mould and sets to a strong, hard finished product. Eparency is resistant to most household chemicals and can withstand surface temperatures around 80-85oC (resisting marks from hot drinks etc). The special slow curing character allows this product to do deep casting in large quantities without generating exothermic heat. This product can be used for outdoor use.

Directions for use: Mix resin and hardener EXACTLY in 2:1 ratio. Using a plastic container for mixing. Do NOT use metal, especially aluminium containers to mix. Mixtures will turn milky colour in aluminium containers. The plastic container must be extremely clean, free of dirt; water; oil; and other contamination. Tiny contamination would deteriorate the quality of final result. Once the product is poured into the mould, do not stir it or touch the surface to avoid defects. Most foam will float to the surface and burst itself. Do not use flame torches. The curing will take 20 to 48 hours. Following factors affect the curing time:

Mixing quantity (the more you mix, the fast it cures and vice versa) Room Temperature (higher room temperature will speed up the curing)

Mixing ratio: 2:1 (2 Parts A and 1 Part B) Application temperature: Wide temperature range through summer to winter

Pot life: 2-4 hours (Data based on 100ml mixing; 20 degree C room temperature).

Please pour this product into mould as soon as possible, to avoid bubbling. Time to reach non-tacky: 10-30 hrs Depending on the room temperature (Data based on 100ml mixing) Time to reach full cure: 48 hrs (Data based on 100ml mixing)

Viscosity: 600 cps for Part A (Brookfield 20 rpm) 450 cps for Part B (Brookfield 20 rpm)

Clarity: Pt-Co value < 10 for both Part A and Part B

Compatibility: Binding to metal, inorganic materials including cement; stone, natural materials including wood; particle board, most plastics except polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM.

Shelf life: 6 months Manufactured in Australia by Eparency For material safety sheet, please msg us refer SDS, not to be swallowed, keep away from children

CAUTION: All epoxy share the same chemical natural. Treat this like other epoxy. DO NOT SWALLOW. DO NOT CONTACT. Use all necessary PPE. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.