HanniHandMade Silk Screen Snowflake

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This HanniHandMade brand silk screen works perfectly on polymer clay. This is an 90x60mm design size.

How to use your silk screen:

  • Prepare a flat polymer clay sheet (unbaked) on which you would like to print your pattern
  • Put shiny side of silk screen face down on polymer clay and press down gently
  • Take a small amount of acrylic paint and use your applicator (old bank card, firm cardboard, etc) to spread the paint evenly across the pattern
  • Remove the silk screen by lifting from the edge
  • Don't let the paint dry on the silk screen. Clean the silk screen with running water immediately after each use.

From here you can complete your piece, cut and bake as normal.

For best results and longevity of your piece you should seal your work..