Mini Circle Cutter 8pc

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This is an 8pc mini circle cutter double ended set (1 of each size). Each cutter size is:

red: 35x15.5mm, hole: 10mm and 14.5mm

yellow: 29x13mm; hole: 8mm and 12mm

black: 28x9mm; hole: 6mm and 8mm

white: 20x6.5mm; hole: 3.5mm and 6mm

green: 19.5x5mm; hole: 2mm and 4mm

brown: 18x4mm; hole: 1.5mm and 3mm

blue: 16x3.5mm; hole: 1.2mm and 2.9mm

orange: 16x3mm; hole: 1mm and 2.6mm