Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Pen Set Fluoro 6PC

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Design, decorate or draw with our Fluoro Acrylic Paint Pens Broad Tip 6pc. Inside this paint pen set are 6 fluoro colours for creating crisp lines and vibrant art. The pens offer a broad tip for bold line work and colouring larger areas. Best of all, you can use them on just about any indoor or outdoor surface. Grab our acrylic paint markers today and create on canvas, paper, glass, stone, concrete and more!

  • Includes 6 fluoro paint pens: Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Violet, Fluoro Blue, Fluoro Green
  • Great for hand lettering, journaling, art, illustration and craft projects
  • Bullet Tip for broad strokes and colouring
  • Dries quickly to a semi matte finish  
  • Permanent on porous surfaces and removable from non-porous surfaces like glass
  • Acrylic marker pens are suitable for canvas, ceramic, glass, plastic, concrete, stone and more 
  • Offers fuss free creating, just recap pens after use
  • Non toxic 


  1. Shake well with lid secured. 
  2. Holding upright, burp pen to release air pressure by pushing nib in
  3. Against an art surface, press tip up and down several times to start paint flow 
  4. Replace lid when not in use
  5. Test patch recommended before use. Results on different surfaces my vary. Make sure surface is clean and dry

Handy hints:

  • Shake well before use
  • Replace cap on tightly after use to prevent it drying out 
  • Results vary on different surfaces, do a test patch before use

    Note: Results on different surfaces may vary. Test patch recommended before use.