Mont Marte Mini Hole Punch Circle Cutter 16pc

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Create perfectly round holes in an instant with our Polymer Clay Hole Punch Set 16pc. This set includes 16 hole punch pieces ranging from 1mm – 10mm (0.04in – 0.39in), housed inside a compact carry tin to keep them all together. Using the clay tools is easy, just press down to stamp into your clay of choice and lift! Pick up a clay hole cutter set to make things easier during your next sculpting session.

  • Includes 16 hole punch sizes: 2 of each size- 1mm (0.04in), 1.5mm (0.06in), 2mm (0.08in), 2.5mm (0.10in), 3mm (0.12in), 6mm (0.24in), 8mm (0.31in), 10mm (0.39in) 
  • Easy to use, press into clay for precise, round holes 
  • Great for jewellery making, sculpting, and modelling projects
  • Smaller sizes ideal for earring hardware 
  • Suitable for polymer, modelling and air hardening clay
  • Clay hole punchers come in a compact storage tin
  • Each piece has plastic grips for comfort and to protect hands


  1. Roll clay out flat
  2. Press the hole punch down to stamp the clay 
  3. Lift the hole punch, removing excess clay with modelling tool or paint brush

Handy hints:

  • Clean up clay hole punch using dishwashing liquid and water to remove excess clay
  • Keep hole punch’s clean between sessions to keep them in top shape