Mont Marte Polymer Clay Gloss Varnish 120ml

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Protect, seal and strengthen your clay creations with our Gloss Clay Varnish. This varnish dries to a clear glossy finish and is ideal for polymer and air hardening clay. Plus, this waterproof varnish dries hard, making it great for a range of projects, from smaller jewellery pieces to sculptures or sealing your DIY plant pot. So, pick up a bottle of our glossy clay varnish for a quick and easy way to finish and protect your hard work.

  • Seals, protects and strengthens clay
  • Suitable for polymer or air hardening clay
  • Dries to a hard transparent, high gloss finish
  • Water-proof formula great for DIY plant pots and more
  • Enhances paint colour underneath and surface appearance


  • Apply varnish in thin layers using a soft brush, allowing approx. 30mins to dry between applications
  • Note: may have a slight tacky touch on polymer projects due to plasticiser in clay