Pardo Polymer Clay Professional Art Clay Range 56g Block White (100)

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Viva Decor Pardo Professional Art Clay

High quality polymer clay that is hardened in a conventional oven. Pardo Art Clay is especially suitable for delicate techniques.  Contains bees wax and premium pigments. Pardo Art Clay was developed for use by artists and clay professionals. It has a firm consistency and is dimensionally stable which enables neat sharp cut edges and easy transfer from one surface to another without distortion. The colour range consists of heavily pigment saturated colours plus a transparent.

The Professional Art Clay range has 14 opaque colours.


  • Contains natural bees wax
  • Colours are intermixable to create new colours
  • Easily cut sharp edges
  • Moisture proof
  • Odourless during baking or curing.
Instructions - Condition by warming thin slices in the hand before rolling. Roll gradually thinner before beginning to fold and roll. Bake Pardo in a pre-heated oven at 120° C (248°F) for 30 minutes.

New to Pardo:

Experienced polymer clay makers or artists adapt to Pardo easily. Unlike other brands of polymer clay, Pardo is manufactured from beeswax. It makes the clay soft and malleable but needs to be warmed in order to perform well, especially in a cold room. To condition Pardo polymer clay, it is best to warm using your hands and an acrylic roller, before attempting to put it in a pasta machine. If not conditioned sufficiently, it will  be crumbly.