Polymer Clay Water Transfer - Easter No. E18

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Simply transfer an image to your clay, just with water!

Size - Approximately 11cm x 17.5cm

  • Condition and roll out polymer clay to preferred thickness and size. (Premo or Souffle white clay is recommended)
  • Bond the clay to a ceramic tile by gently rolling or rubbing.
  • Cut transfer sheet to size and place print side down on the clay.
  • Bond the transfer to the clay by firmly rubbing with a finger or roller. Be careful not to stretch the clay.
  • Leaving the clay on the tile, place under a slow running tap. Transfer will become cloudy and semi-dissolve. Gently wipe finger over the clay to remove majority of excess paper.
  • Remove from water.
  • Gently dab clay with a tissue to remove any water drops. Be careful not to rub or dab too hard to avoid removing print.
  • Leave the clay to dry for a few minutes.
  • Cut your designs and bake as normal. It is recommended to leave on the tile to bake – however if removing be cautious not to distort the clay and print.
  • Once baked – clay pieces can be re-washed to remove any remaining transfer sheet or fuzziness if desired.
  • Sealing with a polymer clay sealer or resin will protect the print and can enhance colours.
  • Finish and assemble your creations as normal.

***Important - Please note due to screen resolution, colours may vary.