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Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds: 3D Jewellery

If you're an avid clayer, you've probably dabbled in the world of jewelry design. Our Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds will allow you to create the most eye-catching pieces. These molds are created with high-quality, oven-safe silicon. They contain six different shapes so you can delve deeper into the world of jewellery making and expand your crafting skills. 

Wow With Your New Jewellery Creations

Our Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds are ideal for creating dangly earrings sets or eye-catching pendants. These molds are also great for using our Liquid Sculpey formula, which will allow you to create delicate layers and gradient designs that are completely unique. 

If you want to experiment, you can even add different glitter and metal combinations. These accents will create bold pieces that are sure to turn heads!

Craft With Every Mold and Tool

Because our Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds supply you with everything you need to expand your jewellery-making abilities, there are a variety of different supplies for you to try. In addition to the six unique and stunning jewellery molds, you'll also receive two metal rods. 

These metal rods will make your jewellery-making process even easier by suspending the eyehooks of your creations while they bake, eliminating the need for drilling.

When you've finished making your unique designs, cleaning up is a breeze. Because our molds are made of silicone, you can clean them with just soap and water to make sure they're ready next time you want to design!

Become a Jewellery-Making Pro Today!

If you're ready to expand your crafting skill set, try our Sculpey Tools Oven-Safe Molds today. These six unique molds and additional supplies are all you need to get started and gain more confidence in creating your own clay creations. After you use our molds and show off your designs, everyone will be stunned to hear that you've made them yourself.