Sculpey Silicone Mold Cabochon Shapes 1PC

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The cabochon mold allows you to quickly and easily make beautiful and unique jewellery pieces. Simply fill the mold with your favorite clay or liquid clay and bake in your home oven!  

  • Oven-safe high quality silicone
  • Works great with both Sculpey clay and Liquid Sculpey products.
  • Can be used with oven-bake, air dry and non-drying clays as well as Plaster of Paris, craft soap and candle wax.
  • Cabochon Molds includes the following shapes: Triangle, Round, Donut and Tear Drop in 3 popular sizes, .75", 1" and 1.25"
  • Works perfectly with the Bezel Mold
  • Mold size 3.75” H x 4.87” W
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Can be used up to 232°C / 450 °F